Gridiron Guppy Notes

Gridiron Guppy Notes

WEEK 4 NOTES (2010)-Steve Pine Memorial Gridiron Guppy Contest

Welcome to the 1st week of Guppy Notes in Week #4.  I apologize for the delay in getting the 2010 edition of the Gridiron Guppies underway.  We have been around for over 25 years and have grown to over 230 strong.  Guppy notes will continue to be posted on a weekly basis from now on. 

First of all, due to two floods in the den of 2nd Page Dennis, a final 2009 Guppy note sheet was not posted on the website.  Therefore, we never congratulated our 2009 Gridiron Guppy Champ JMU Dukes-JV (J. Varner).  Fortunately, there are no health problems for 2nd Page Dennis this year but there were bookkeeping problems.  There were over 30 Guppies who sent in applications with nicknames that did not match their user names.  As a result, we couldn’t match payments with participants in some cases.  Anyway, it’s onward and upward NOW.

A major change was made two years ago by switching to Office Pool to reduce administrative costs and there is now a significant increase from the 219 Guppies who participated in 2009 which will result in increased prize money.  The prize money distribution will be posted this weekend.  We are waiting for final replacement checks to clear the bank, September prize winners will have their prize money mailed on time (October 12th).   

I welcome your comments as usual at Remember, that email address along with is where the 209 (unofficial) eligible Guppies are to send their KOTH selections. KOTH II selections will start again next week (Week 7).

I thank you for your patience and I promise to keep notes and results posted on a timely basis from now on. I look forward to another successful season with the hope that we can add more Guppies for next year and our prize money can grow even more.

In addition, a belated Happy & Healthy New Year to all of our Jewish Guppies and their families!!  Dennis.    


Best Month Winner SeptemberLast2first (D. Csillag) (30 Wins) 

Best Month Runner up September (6 WayTie-29 Wins)-Dr. Zee (W. Zweigbaum), Harley66 (K. Robinson), Monkeytrouble (B. Bloom), Road Warrior (R. Rimberg), Pooh-Tube (S. Perry) & Sinlinson (J. Noble).

WEEK 4    

Best Week WinnerTJR Levine (T. Levine) (13 Wins)

Best Week Runner up
TEPS (B. Schwartz) (12 Wins) (52 Pts)

Goombatz had 12 wins (51 Pts)

Amorsito, Antunesn, & Jchemtob did not send in selections for Week 4. They each get the Favorite record 4-10.


Best Week WinnerWoodrow1109 (A. Wood) (12 Wins) (49 Pts)

Best Week Runner upHowa (H. Heimowitz) & Dr. Zee (W. Zweigbaum) (12 Wins) (51 Pts)

Close But No Cigar
-12 Wins-Pooh-Tube (58 Pts).

Boybe, El Duderino, Spread’em, Tricon & Wally Gator22 did not send in selections for Week 3.  They get the Home record 5-11.

Best Week Winner
A+Team (D. Slivka) (12 Wins)

Best Week Runner up-(2 Way-11 Wins) Esol24 (D. Solomon) & Twins(M. Scheier) (11Wins) (45 Pts)

Tricon (44 Pts), Last2first (44 Pts), Road Warrior (43Pts), Jschifrin (43 Pts), Bear Man (42 Pts) & Lip (38 Pts) had 11 wins also.
Sack Exchange & Wally Gator22 did not send in selections in Week 2. They get the Favorite record 6-10.


Best Week WinnerHarley66 (K. Robinson) (12 Wins) (35 Pts)

Best Week Runner upMickey Pick’ems (M. Daniels) (12 Wins) (40 Pts)

Close But No Cigar-12 Wins-JJ Money (41 Pts), HansGruber (42 Pts), Slimban1  (44 Pts) & Reno22 (45 Pts).

Titobaz did not send in selections in Week 1.  He gets the Visitor record 5-11.  A Superior Swami, Bennyb1, Krev/Fich, Magigs, Tricon & Wally Gator22 did not select the opening night Thursday game and receive the road team (SF-Loss).  According to the rules, the rest of their selections count and they are not charged with a non-selecting week.

2) There are still 7 alive in KOTH I. There were 7 alive in KOTH I at this time last year. KOTH II begins in Week 7 (209 participants (unofficial) for $2,090).

3) When KOTH II begins in Week 7, you may still be alive in KOTH I.  You may select a Best Bet for each contest and designate which contest you want that team or you can select the same team for both contests (KOTH I & II). If you forget to select a Best Bet, you get your Monday selection as your Best Bet.  If you are alive in both contests and you forget to select a Best Bet, you get your Monday selection in both contests.

4) Regular Contest Winners & Losers by game can be found at the bottom of the picks table on the Office Pool website for each week.

5) MONTHLY STANDINGSThe winner of the Best Month & Best Month Runner up in October will be determined after the Sunday night game on October 31st of Week 8 (It does not include the November 1st game on Monday night).  In order to determine the monthly standings for the month, sign in at Office Pool, hit on Standings, then Part Season standings and then ask for the Weeks 4 thru 8 but eliminate the Monday selection of Week 8.

6) ADJUSTMENTS-All adjustments to the standing should be made by this Sunday morning October 10th and all participants should have 62 games posted in the standings.

7) Coming Soon-Eligible participants in KOTH, Pro Playoff & College Bowl contests will be posted.  If you think there is an error, notify Dennis.

8 ) There is a $300 bonus for NO losses in a 16 game week, $250 bonus for NO losses in a 14 game week, and a $225 bonus for NO losses in a 13 game week. $12 will be deducted from each of the Top 25 Prize Winners if in a 16 game week, $10 will be deducted from each of the Top 25 Prize Winners if in a 14 game week and $9 will be deducted from each of the Top 25 Prize Winners if in a 13 game week to cover this cost.   

9) It is advisable to use 2 methods of sending in KOTH selections when you email to Dennis: and/or

10) If you didn’t sign up for our College Bowl or Pro Playoff contests, you can still do so.  The cost is $20 per contest and the deadline is Nov. 30. Mail checks to Dennis Fingold. You can’t sign up for KOTH II or KOTH III if you didn’t sign up prior to this season.

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